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Horne Street School
78 Horne Street Dover, NH 03820
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Vision Statement
The Horne Street Elementary School community will be a center for innovative and creative learning. Students will be supported in developing a sense of ownership and a commitment to achieving high academic goals and high standards of behavior. As the connecting link between family, educators and the community, Horne Street Elementary School will develop self reliant, responsible and respectful citizens.
 Mrs. Patricia Driscoll

Mrs. Katherine Moaratty
Dean of Students
Mrs. Peggy Morton
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Jane Roche
Office Staff

Cultural Festival
HSS Cultural Festival

~ April 17th - 19th -- Kindergarten Screening

~ April 18th -- PTG Meeting -- 6:30 PM -- HSS Library
~ April 18th -- 4th Grade History Presentation (parents in afternoon)
~ April 19th -- 3rd Grade Around the World Day (parents 9-9:45)

~ April 20th -- HSS Earth Day Celebration
Earth Day Volunteer Sign-up

~ April 23rd - 27th -- Spring Recess -- No School

FingerprintVolunteer Information
If you would like to volunteer or chaperone at any of the Dover public schools, you must be fingerprinted at the SAU office in the McConnell Center.  If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment please call Evonne at 516-6241 or email e.kill-kish@dover.k12.nh.us
For more information, please visit the district policy page here and refer to GBCD, GBEBBGBCD-R, IJOC and IJOC-R.

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